Boss or a Team Player?

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At BforB International, our groups collaborate successfully together as proactive teams. But which leadership qualities can generate the most success?

Our members are generally chosen to participate based on tangible skills or the knowledge base they bring to the table. Everyone is given equal opportunity to contribute and deliver the success of the meeting.  They are encouraged to be innovative, bring new ideas and potential to the group and look for new ways to spawn referral opportunities.

The diversity of the business sectors, background size and location has become the strength and wealth of every local referral meeting.

So, what do our leaders look like? What makes them successful? In truth there isn’t just one profile that leads to overall success.

One franchise partner was certainly interested in the opportunity. He had the idea that being ‘the boss’ for the group suited his expectations and the overall team goals. However, this approach has on a couple of occasions led to his stance being challenged and rejected by the wider team. But fast forward a few years on and he has successfully built a strong and sustainable BforB franchise.

On another occasion a franchise applicant recognised quickly the opportunity to partner with other organisations and strategically position himself as a key facilitator; dedicated to supporting and developing a team and helping his members achieve significant success. In the years to come this partner went on to win team awards, achieve incredible growth and deliver personal financial results.

Everybody who comes to BforB International brings with them an individual approach and personality that we can help hone to achieve success. Over the years we have understood what made both personalities achieve their goals; access to a well – established system and our wealth of expertise in developing people, regardless of their motivations, background or sector experience.

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