Can technology replace the good old fashioned face to face relationship in business?


“Clients do not come first. Employees come first. Take care of your employees and they will take care of the clients.” Richard Branson

Virgin boss, Richard Branson, is an advocate for recognising that ultimate success in business relies heavily on its most important asset – having great people. So why are we focusing so much of our energy on developing machines that replace our manual routines and human interaction?

Microsoft has amassed incredible wealth by creating icons and buttons to help the least intelligent of our species enjoy being computerised and not to mention those game designers who have transformed the lives of teenagers in the 21st century world.  Everything we do is governed by technology, and despite there being a hundred different ways to communicate, we are actually communicating and building relationships less effectively than ever.

Organisations are making choices about the integration of intuitive technology which will impact the way they do business every day. The agility of businesses to adopt technology is demonstrating the possibility that people can be replaced. Remember that feeling when you shopped online for the first time? Did you ever think that one day our local shop owners would be replaced by that one decision? When you first searched something on Google, rather than ask an expert; or when cars, machines, planes and submarines were built by manual labour, rather than robots. It’s not that farfetched to imagine a day in the not so distant future when factories have eliminated people clocking in and out and shops are no more.

Here at BforB International we focus on face to face collaboration, direct interdependence and market intelligence to pursue progress by understanding the people that build businesses from source. As technology  advances the necessity of human contact has become increasingly important. Integrating talented people and building a community of entrepreneurs who can work together for mutual benefit is our mission. We see technology as an enabler to improving human interaction not replacing it. Innovating networking by adopting the use of technology in the process to improve how the world does business.

Good people are no longer alone. They can and do connect with like-minded relationship builders to help deliver the business greater good.  Increasingly we yearn for the use of technology for competitiveness to satisfy the endless quest for a better experience. As a people organisation we feel the increasing need for humanity to ‘get connected and stay connected’ is even more important than ever. Our people are an asset that we are prepared to invest in to support proactive business relationships all over the world.

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