Attitude to Risk and Investments


A Risk Appetite is the amount of risk an organisation is prepared to take to achieve its strategic objectives. All investment comes with an element of calculated risk, but how much risk we take is relative to our personal goals and circumstances and the expertise available to us.

Take investment bonds. Invest your money in their scheme and you can bank on a low risk 9% return per annum. Or perhaps safe, secure asset-backed bonds attract you with their potential 14% ROI? It’s all well and good investing to achieve a low, but guaranteed ROI, but if you want bigger rewards and more control over your own destiny, you may need to consider a little more risk…

Your personal risk tolerance and your ability to hold firm under pressure often determines the successfulness of your achievements and the potential of your investment. Smart financial investors would look to spread risk and consider a combination of high risk and low risk markets to achieve maximum impact. So, how can you be sure that your business investments will pay off?

First of all, get a mentor. Ask them to help you learn how to do it step by step. Over time you will have learnt the tricks of the trade from the expert and you’ll be able to emulate all of those excellent behaviour skills that are common to successful entrepreneurs. Pretty soon you’ll know what your risk appetite looks like and all for just the financial outlay of a discretionary small fee to your mentor as a gesture of gratitude. After all, what goes around comes around.

Secondly, you can give your money to a well -researched organisation and hope they will make good on their promises.

Or, how about having the best of both worlds?  Working with an organisation that can mentor and help drive your investment…

So, are you hungry enough and confident of your ability to drive the risk down and increase your probability of higher or better ROI? This is what we’re about at BforB International…If you’re ready to invest in an exciting partnership, just tell us when and where and we’ll get talking….

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