So, you run a business and network regularly?


You’re a busy networker on behalf of the company you work for? Or maybe you are looking for a fresh challenge, and prepared to make a small investment to go with it?

Well, can we introduce you to Business for Breakfast, otherwise known as BforB. We’re a well established business network brand, we have successful meetings held in various parts of the country, and as our profile rises, so too does the enthusiasm to be involved, and not just as a member.

Let us just say a few words first about BforB: we meet every other week, rather than every week, which means our members do not have the rigid weekly commitment of other networking brands. Sure, we want members to be a regular face around the table, because that is how they build connections, that lead to referrals. But feedback tells us that every other week is much easier to cope with than the alternative.

We do follow a set agenda – but meetings need to be structured and organised to make sure members and their guests take the most out of attending. But our meetings have a much more informal buzz about them, and there are no expectations of our members. Yes, we like members to bring regular referrals for other members (that’s what networking is about; giving referrals, receiving referrals), but there is never any stigma attached to not being able to deliver one. There is never any pressure, but all members and guests are fully au-fait with the merits of referral marketing, so it speaks for itself.

And that is why, as the BforB word spreads, people are giving our meetings a try, and liking what they see. Which is great news, but also why we are looking to recruit franchisees up and down the country, to run BforB meetings as their own business.

You can build your own Business for Breakfast franchise business in a number of ways. You can have a part-time investment alongside your existing business; you can make it a full-time investment, via an employee based on a local territory, or it can be a full-time business on a larger scale, based on running BforB meetings all around a particular regional, or nationally, running them in various parts of the country.

Mel Fisher runs the franchise arm of Business For Breakfast, and she is dedicated to supporting and helping franchisees start, grow, and develop their businesses, travelling up and down the country to achieve that.

“We’ve been in the franchise industry since 2004, and have a wealth of experience,” she says. “Our company is stable, and we are certainly not one of those here today-gone tomorrow franchise companies – we have a programme of regular support, including on-going conferences, conference calls and business development courses to help new franchisees get more out of their networking.”

A recent BforB franchisee is Mark Edmunds, who is running Birmingham, but supporting new groups spring up in Coventry, and Kenilworth, with more to come in that area during the course of this year. He said: “Buying a BforB franchise gives you a fantastic challenge, to start, build, and develop something, with the satisfaction of knowing that you’re helping the local business community make regular introductions, gain referrals, and pass business around the room.”

Without wishing to state the obvious, and it’s an old cliché, but you get out of it what you put into it. Said Mel Fisher: “Following on from what Mark said, there is also the personal satisfaction of gaining a return on your investment as fast as possible – some start to see returns in around six to nine months of investing in the business; some build it more methodically.

“It’s whatever suits best a particular individual, but the BforB team offer as much support as the franchisee needs; all that’s required in return, is dedication and a determination to succeed.”

To find out more how you can benefit from a BforB franchise, visit our partner sites for more details or contact Mel on UK 07552 653 982

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