Why formalised business networking can provide the best chance of success in an ever-changing world

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The way we work has evolved considerably in recent years. Progressive entrepreneurs must adapt rapidly to an ever–changing market place. Market leaders wanting to maintain their position, or elevate their business to the next level, are striving to access up-to-date market intelligence and ground- breaking innovations in an aggressive manner.

As enterprise and innovation adapts to a changing environment, the nature of business network requirements – and with it, the expertise available to them, and the ground–breaking thinking they can draw on – also changes.  

But what never changes is the truism that formalised business networking can provide the best strategy for the ambitious entrepreneur to achieve results, drive the best opportunities, and derive high level support from a network of diverse entrepreneurs, experience, and insight. 
“Entrepreneurship is exciting, but it can also be hugely demanding,” said Mel Fisher, MD, Business for Breakfast. “Connecting with like–minded businesses, and gaining insight about the wider market and how it impacts your business, is critical.

“It is extremely important that businesses network, and that when they do so, it is formalised, with set objectives and clear goals for an entrepreneur to receive a greater chance of success through highly focused activity that positively impacts their business time and time again,” she said. “That comes with consistency and intent.”
There are many opportunities to network, and to build trusted group of peers. Often, they bounce ideas off, and pick each other’s brain; these kind of encounters are invaluable. Taking it to the next step, and formalising your access to potentially ready–made introductions and high quality referred business through the BforB process, can take business networking engagements to the next level.

A one size fits all approach can be detrimental. Business opportunities can sometimes come from the most obscure and unlikely of sources. Business for Breakfast is an environment full of diverse business owners, entrepreneurs and decision-makers. The process is managed carefully to foster growth, collaboration, and genuine interest for each other to succeed.

Implementing collaborative thinking and a ‘wider network’ approach takes time and dedication. When committing to formal business networking, define your goals: short-term, mid-term, and long-term targets can give you clarity, and a definitive way to measure your success.

Communicate your goal to your network; that enables them to help you maximise opportunities to win business. Keeping your eye on that goal, and staying on top of the ever-changing business landscape, can be both exhilarating and rewarding, especially when achieved in a dynamic environment with the network of your choice. 

A commitment to the process and strategy of your networking group then becomes essential. But worthwhile!  

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